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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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(both panting) maybe i don't have to choose. (sultry music begins playing) we can make this work. we'll come up with a make-out wheel. kind of like a chore wheel. uh, i don't want to do this. yeah, me, neither. give it a chance. let's put the "try" in "triangle." um, no, thanks. talk to you later, okay? tonight was really fun. until all of this. this was a mess. oh. yeah, um, i kind of forgot what i was even doing here. well, we have a draw, but we also have a loser. which would, of course, be you, tina. if you ever go back to being a one-boy girl, you know where to find me. and, hey, jimmy jr., you got some great moves. you thinking what i'm thinking? let's do this. (upbeat dance music playing, both grunting) oh, yeah, girl! we got ourselves a dance on! too bad, t. (sighs) i got greedy and grabby. but i had two boys fighting over me. i'm thankful for that. sorry you weren't able
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to make jimmy jr. and josh your sister-wives. hey, maybe next dance. you flew too close to the buns. (clears throat) watch the hands. um, mr. and mrs. belcher? hi. i'm gonna have to ask you to tone it down a little bit. oh, you mean tone it down like this? whoop! no. that is not what i mean. hmm. this is completely inappropriate behavior. (slurring): bobby's first dance! (retches) oh, my god. oh, lin. oh, the schnapps. oh, lin. (gags) oh, it tastes like peach. (laughs) oh, man. that's all over me. ah, i got to take my shirt off. i'm gonna... i'm gonna lose it, too! can i get a little help over here? i'm gonna lose it! all right, these two, out. right here. ooh, you're even prettier when you're angry, little lady. i got it! i got it! you're not security. you're friends with tina. hey. get your hands off me. what? hey! these two. get 'em out. get your hands off me, little guy. ♪ "t" is for the way you take my breath away ♪
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♪ "i" is for the way i like it when you take my breath away ♪ ♪ "n" is for no one else takes my breath away ♪ ♪ and "a" is for asthma that is a disease ♪ ♪ that takes people's breath away! ♪ oh, that's nice. 'cause you're a horse. captioning sponsored by bento box entertainment captioned by media access group at wgbh
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7:00 tonight the fire was almost out. but as you can see here a few flames could still be seen. patti lee was live where the flames could hardly be contained. >> reporter: we called air quality officials today and they told us initially that this was a controlled burn in sacramento county that did not pose a public health hazard. turns out they were talking about an entirely different
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fire. so tonight air quality investigators are trying to determine just what burned black today and whether or not it's dangerous. as black smoke filled the skies alarm grew among its residents. >> i just saw a black cloud all over the sky and i was concerned because i was breathing it of course. >> i've never seen it this dark and so much smoke in the sigh. >> reporter: the -- so much smoke in the sky. >> reporter: the fire shot billowing clouds of black air until 7:00 tonight until it burned itself out. >> obviously it's a problem, we don't know what we're breathing. my whole neighborhood has been littered with ash and fall out so i have no idea what's going on. >> reporter: we asked antioch's fire department about the lack of response and we're told that the flames were in sacramento county and under the jurisdictions of solano county's department. fire officials told us the blaze turned out to be a tuly
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fire. in general fires like this one are not hazardous. >> there's huge plumes of black smoke and which could lead us to many different understands of what's there. one of the things that we do know is that marsh tends to burn black because it's wet or moist material. >> reporter: there were no injuries reported but the fact that there was so much confusion as to the south of the smoke makes residences who had breathed it in all day weary. >> i wanted to get a noise if my family or neighbor sees some danger. >> reporter: investigators came out to the area where the fire started. but his air quality report will not be available until tomorrow morning. reporting live in antioch, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. as patti mentioned, we received picture of the fire from our viewers. gary with twin rivers marine
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insurance agency says the company's web cam points toward the san joaquin river. jacob miles sent us this picture showing how the smoke could be seen from miles. >> with the fire and smoke came large chunks of ash. sean shared these photos of a covered walk in the area. >> more details tonight on prescribed burns in the area. according to officials with the bay area quality district. the burns are allowed to control marsh debris and to improve the area for wildlife. this year the permissive burn period began on march 1st and runs through april 15th. the fires must be deemed necessary by the california department of fish and wildlife. now to developing news we're following right now in vallejo, police there investigating the city's sixth homicide of the year. it happened a few hours ago in a residential neighborhood. christien kafton just spoke to
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investigators and joins us live now with what he learned. >> reporter: let's take a live look at where investigators have been. police tell us they are working in what they call a detached garage. it appears to have been converted to a live space. a neighbor we talked to just about 20 minutes ago who did not want to appear on camera told us she did not hear the gunshots but she did wake up to a series of clicks. she says she woke up to look out the window and saw officers preparing their guns. police reported to a call of shots fired. they found an elderly man in the converted garage. he died of one gunshot wound. investigators will not tell us
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who he is because they say they're still trying to contact next of kin. now police are saying at this point they are in the early stages of this investigation and say they could have more details about this killing in a few hours. so be sure to watch the morning news starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning and mornings on 2 as more details unfold. we will continue to monitor this situation overnight and bring you the very latest details again tomorrow morning. for now we're live here in vallejo. christien kafton, channel 2 news. a man suspected of killing one man and injuring another was arrested in oakland after an eight hour police stand off. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home on 26th avenue near international boulevard early this morning. in search of the gunman who they say opened fire a few blocks away. six people came out of the house during the stand off by 8:00 this morning the shooting
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suspect had surrendered. police were alerted to the system after the shooting victims were driven to the hospital. seven men from sacramento county are recooperating tonight. police say the victims were shot as they were leaving a family gathering in the city of galt at around 10:30. witnesses on the scene tell investigators say saw somebody open fire from a passing car. a neighbor says this is not the first time violence has erupted in his neighborhood. >> crazy. we had some incident about five years ago when they had a shooting in the other corner. >> officials say the shooting may have been gang related. all of the victims are expected to survive. >> investigators are looking into whether reckless driving led to a fiery and fatal crash tonight between a motorcyclist and several cars in walnut creek. the chp is investigating this collision that killed the motorcyclists but it's unclear if there are any other
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injuries. it all happened before 6:00. the chp says it involved four different vehicles one of which burst into flames. witnesses say the motorcycle and another vehicle appear to be driving recklessly before the collision. investigators closed northbound 680 for two hours while they looked into this crash. >> a racing tragedy touches sonoma county both the driver victims of that crash at a race way near sacramento are family. we talked to the victim's father this morning and allie rasmuss has more from petaluma where the driver is well known. >> reporter: they were best friends who shared a passion for car racing. >> the two of them were never apart. they enjoyed every minute of this life together. >> reporter: while chase was doing warm up laps he tried to make a turn and lost control of
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the vehicle. >> straight out the gate probably 90, 95 miles per hour just flew in the air and marcus just left my side and went to the other bathroom and was walking back from the restroom and the car flew in the air and hit him. >> reporter: marcus and dale wondergym died from their injuries. dale was not hurt. the santa rosa teen was also looking forward to playing high school basketball next year. >> the sweetest young man. all his coaches, all his friends would tell you the first one to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> reporter: rob johnson says chase told him his steering wheel had popped off and that's why he lost control of the car. >> every time he got out of the car in every race would check and check and check. i don't know how it could come out because he always double checked it just to make sure.
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i don't know how it could come up. >> reporter: chase was too upset to talk to us about what happened. chase learned to race here at the petaluma. the raceway declined to comment but said that chase was well known here with a promising future in racing. >> the other person killed was 65-year-olddale wondergym. wondergym owned a car that was getting ready to race. dale wondergym leaves behind a wife and two young children. a spokesman for the symphony says the musicians rejected a proposal by a
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mediator. four performances have now been cancelled since the musicians went on strike on wednesday. the performers are upset about proposals by management to freeze their pay in the first year with a 1% increase the next two years. the giants are away in spring training. at&t park is hosting games in puerto rico. baseball fans packed the park for the first semi final game in the tournament. a giant fan favorite angel pagan is on the puerto rico team. they played japan tonight. people we spoke with say the games are high energy because the fans turn out equally to support both teams. >> either way i like it because it's a lot more diversity. you just enjoy the atmosphere of baseball coming back to the bay area. >> reporter: puerto rico knocked the defending champs out of the series tonight.
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more details now, a bay area baseball fans can continue their offseason fix this coming week. tomorrow the netherlands play the dominican republic at at&t park starting at 6:00 p.m. then the winners of monday's match up will play puerto rico at 5:00 in the championship game. >> fans headed to any of those games you might just want to bring your credit card for parking. special event rates at meters near at&t park can now run as high as $7 an hour. it's all part of the city's new demand based pricing that took effect earlier on this month. officials say it should make parking near at&t park more available. coming up a little later in sports wrap. fred inglis will have highlights. and from baseball we turn to basketball. and we were there as an area college team learned their ncaa
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fate. >> from st. peter basilica to pews all around the world. >> and remarks about sarah palin. why he says he would make a good candidate. >> and hackers invited. that's right invited into oakland city hall. the goal behind allowing them access to city records.
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continuing cover rang -- coverage now on the newly elected pope. and pope francis has delivered his first sunday mass. during his address to the 200,000 people in st. peter's square the pope spoke of god's mercy. >> don't forget god never gets tired of forgiving us. it is we who get tired of asking for forgiveness. >> reporter: pope francis ended his address by speaking in italian telling the folks to enjoy a good lunch which invoked a big cheer from those present.
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a separate bipartisan groups are headed to rome including bay area congresswoman anna eshue. many catholics expressed hope today that the new pope brings new enthusiasm to the church. cara liu is in a special mass in the south bay to celebrate pope francis who's already captivating people with his new style. at st. joseph's basilica, a massive blessing for pope francis. >> we ask you to bless him. >> reporter: saying the election of this pope as well as the name francis were a surprise. >> to the world his fellow d
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era lichs to society. >> reporter: a special pamphlet was created and even had a bit of humor. >> and a jesuit, we can certainly forgive him for that. >> i think all latinos are very excited to have a pope to speak our language spanish and is from argentina. >> i hope the best for him. >> the catholic growth is in south america any way. i think this was the direction the church is going. >> i think we need to get back to bases. >> may god strengthen pope francis now and always. >> reporter: in san jose, cara liu, ktvu news. now to the federal budget,
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house speaker john boehner again rejected revenue instead of only making cuts. >> when you get down to the bottom line, the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people. we're not going to get very far. as the president doesn't believe that the rule will be to balance the budget over the next ten years, i'm not sure we're going to get very far. >> reporter: not every republican agrees with the speaker. senator coker said that he and others are open to lifting tax loopholes as part of the deal. president obama will visit israel this week his first presidential trip to the country. police in jerusalem were getting ready for their trip calling it the most important visit since 2009. some 15,000 personnel are being deployed. graffiti in the west bank has already defaced posters of
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mr. obama but so far the subject matter is light. the protests are over a lack of mobile wireless in the region. gop fundraiser carl rowe fired back at sarah palin that candidates should go back home and run for office. >> i don't think i'm a balding fat guy. if i did run for office and win i would serve out my term i would not leave office midterm. >> reporter: rowe was referring to palin's decision to leave her seat. she also accused rowe of making millions from consultants. rowe spoke out saying he is a volunteer who doesn't take a dine from the superpack.
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ktvu's mike mibach. >> reporter: this was a picture a little more than a year ago. this is a picture of oakland radicalism today. >> make the rsvp picking up the title. >> reporter: some two dozens hackers meeting inside oakland city hall making on working city records more accessible and getting help from at least two city hall officials who were there as well. the program is called open access. >> they say knowledge is power. government hasn't really kept up with all the changes. >> reporter: on this evening vargas was helping put together computer programs that would have not so traditionally radical intent of allowing
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oaklanders to find foreclosed homes and even find out which street drains are plugged up. oakland resident akerman spoke about getting open oakland in contact with young people living in the city. >> it was a big surprise to me when i moved to oakland and i found myself in the middle of a war zone. >> reporter: they're finding the digital divide may not be a real issue. >> there's a perception that the under class in oakland isn't using the internet and that they don't have access to it and informs they do. >> reporter: some young people in akerma's neighborhood used pictures to show off guns. >> well yeah, i google a lot of things. >> reporter: like what? >> like for instance right now we're looking for a place to live. >> reporter: lisa hernandez was cruising through the area of oakland known as deep east and to the rest of the area as east
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oakland. we spoke to her about how open oakland is trying to reach her. >> just trying to go to some where interesting. >> reporter: reaching hernandez may be their next challenge. using a helicopter to try to fly to freedom. the daring escape that had all the makings of a holiday block buster. >> plus the unusual site after an italian volcano erupts. the heights the lava is reaching. >> the blunt message from madonna for the boy scouts. >> and in weather high clouds have been moving into the bay area this evening. a temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and the two days we could be tracking rain chances in the upcoming weeks.
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an investigation is under way tonight after a private jet
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crashed in south bend indiana killing two people aboard the plane. now witnesses say the beach craft premier twin clipped one house, heavily damaged a second and came down on a third. the pilot of the plane tried to land at the airport shortly before the crash. however the pilot seemed to be dealing with some type of mechanical problem and aborted the landing. and a judge convicted two teenage boys. 17-year-old trent mays and malique richmond are both accused of rapingthe girl twice while on the night of a party. the judge convicted mayse for photographing the girl naked and distributing the pictures online. the victim testified during the trial but was not in the courtroom when the verdict was
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read. her mother made this statement. >> this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, grow and move on. i have pity for you both. >> reporter: the teens both face at least a year in a juvenile facility and possibly incarceration until they turn 21. in news of the world tonight in canada police say they have surrounded one of two fugitives who escaped from a prison today by grabbing a rope from a hoovering helicopter. one witness calls it a james bond moment when he saw the men dangling from the helicopter that flew off. the helicopter and pilot were found blocks away. two other people were also arrested but they're connection to the escape is unclear tonight. and in italy a spectacular
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site of mount esma spouted lava into the evening sky. showers reached the height of 10,000 feet. they to have to deal with all the ash showers that follow. wearing a copy of a boy scout uniform, madonna used blunt language to push the boy scouts to lift the ban on gays and lesbians. >> i think they should change their stupid rules. don't you? >> the singer made her comment in front of g.l.a.d.
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>> and scary moments, after a plow injures a number of people.
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taking a live look now at san francisco's city hall which is glistening green this st. patrick's day. while plenty of people enjoyed the pubs all across the city and perhaps at ireland 32, ktvu's ann rubin saw plenty of green in the east bay city of dublin which today marked its 30th st. patrick's day celebration. >> reporter: irish eyes were smiling in dublin taking in the sights and sounds of st. patrick's day. from traditional music to irish step dancing. >> we feel appreciated today. >> reporter: the festival, a community event celebrating
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itself 30 years. it's estimated 50,000 people came out. >> the food is great, the music is great. i just love it. >> there's irish hats and spending time with your friends and family. >> i love it we always come here. >> reporter: celebrating st. patrick's and dublin irish. >> we have a strong irish tradition and we like to keep that alive through this celebration. >> reporter: dublin police have doubled their staffing for the event. >> we have our motor units out there and we have extra patrol units out there making sure everyone gets to their cars safe and all the cars are leaving orderly. >> reporter: but for the most part this event is about family fun. >> being out with friends and having everyone celebrate. >> reporter: if you weren't spending st. patrick's day
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overseas in the other dublin some say this is the next best thing. >> nowhere better than here dubli ncra kraá. >> reporter: their focus now will be on the roadways. in dublin, ann rubin, ktvu news. >> looks like an awful lot of fun. st. patrick's day revelers in san francisco can enjoy a free cab ride home tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. the luxor cab company will take anyone home as long as the fare is less than $30. but everyone must mention the sponsor which is luorg's attorneys. a chase ended when police fired multiple rounds at the driver. today authorities identified him as angelo de moreno a
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homeless man. police say he stole the truck the same day. a task force is investigating the accident. a man accosted the girl as she walked home from school at about 2:00 p.m. on apian way near beldwin street. he is described as white, 19 to 20 years old about 6 feet tall with slicked back hair and plaque hair and a brown goatee. he also has a piercening in his right eyebrow. a 97-year-old woman who was visually impaired was injured when she was struck by a car in a petaluma crosswalk. it happened just before 9:00 this morning. the driver stopped and called for help. the elderly woman identified today as mary fryman was taken to the hospital with moderate
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injuries. officers on the scene say the morning sun may have obscured the driver's view. a fire department captain tells ktvu that an elderly driver plowed right into that store injurying four shoppers inside. the crash did major damage to the front of the store. >> right now we have an engineer out here evaluating the structural damage and we have a contractor coming out to shore it up and make repairs on it right now. >> reporter: the driver and some of the shoppers were taken to the hospital but we're told their injuries are not considered serious. police though are still trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control. >> an oakland neighborhood is cleaner tonight after graffiti busters spent the day painting and picking up trash. city council member noelle gallo says this is the first of
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many busy graffiti clean up. he says residents are fed up with the mess. >> people have been outside people coming to oakland. this is not the small gang tag that you used to see in the past. this is organized. people that just want to come and trash oakland. >> reporter: gallo says police are doing extra graffiti patrols and sting operations. want to get a little closer to the action on the field. we'll tell you about the new app that will allow oakland a's fans to upgrade mid-game. today's warm weather and clear skies are about to give way to rain clouds. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when wet weather returns to the bay area. >> remember you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone. just download the ktvu app. click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. you can be connected any time any where.
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we are wrapping up a pretty nice weekend. a great st. patrick's day. i love these colors once again looking toward city hall and san francisco. all the green showing up here. temperatures today maxed out in the upper 50s to 60 to 70 degrees. we've been locked in a dry weather pattern but that could soon be changing. baseically right now to 12:00 down to the 40s out toward novato. still lots of 50s and livermore
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62 degrees. still high clouds and a bit of a breeze. tomorrow increasing clouds once again. one more mild day and then tuesday and wednesday we will be tracking increasing shower chances and a drop off in temperatures. first thing tomorrow morning for your monday morning. you can see temperatures to start out the day in the upper 30s to the 40s. lots of 40s on this map here for san francisco, hayward and san jose 45. partly cloudy skies, maybe a patch or two of fog but those high clouds definitely on the increase once again. all because of this guy, the weather system we have been watching this over the last couple of days. this is marching closer to the shoreline. tomorrow still dry with temperatures maxes out in the 60s to 70s. look what happens on a tuesday. especially by tuesday afternoon we do increase the shower chances. i should say by late in the afternoon into the evening hours. then showers likely off and on for wednesday. primarily for wednesday morning. two days we will be tracking rain chances tuesday and wednesday. i think we will see quite a
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bit, or at least have a higher chance of rainfall wednesday and thursday. not extreme rainfall rates but still a quarter of an inch to half an inch. an increase in the high clouds tomorrow afternoon. we'll take this into tuesday. lots of cloud cover out there. and then by 4:00 there's the chance of a few scattered light showers or few sprinkles. then wednesday you will notice it swings in by the north mid- morning wednesday into the afternoon. still we'll take any rainfall we can get any time of year. we are paying catch up. warmest location still hovering close to the 70 degrees mark. and a real baseball classic for tomorrow. semi final 22. no rain drops to worry about. we'll have to keep an eye with the final. and temperatures in the mid- 50s. still a look ahead your five day forecast with your weekend
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always in view. first we take a look at the first five days, showers by tuesday. especially by tuesday evening. showers off and on by wednesday. heather and ken this is the familiar story we get. by next weekend we could be tracking 70s once again across the region. so a few showers tuesday, wednesday then we warm back up. >> that sounds good. >> thanks mark. okay land -- oakland a's fans will soon get a chance to sit closer to the action. major league baseballs ballpark app searches for empty seats and gives users the option to upgrade their seat for a seat. this happens when seats go unsold or season ticketholders fail to show up. according to the san francisco chronicle, prices for upgrades at the coliseum have not yet been set so stay tuned. the warriors get back on track as they ground the rockets. >> finally good news for the warriors. >> also it is selection sunday
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and we will tell you if cal or st. mary's are bound for the ncaa tornment. sports wrap is next.


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